Monthly Favourites

Long time no speak! Apologies for being somewhat AWOL here on my blog lately, this was purely due to personal circumstances which I won’t get into. All that matters is that I am back and normal service shall resume. What’s that I hear? Cheering? Oh, please. Please! You really needn’t. Oh, all right then. Go ahead…


So to ease myself back in I thought I’d share with you all my September beauty favourites today. This is fairly overdue, but I figured better late than never, right?

 1. L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique foundation


I bought this over a month ago and have been wearing it regularly to give it a proper test drive, as it were. And I really, really like it! I have it in the shade “C1 Rose Pearl” (the lightest shade they do) and its the perfect match for my skin tone. It has a fair amount of yellow in it, similarly to my complexion and this suits me just fine. I haven’t had any issues with it oxidising on me, for you and I, this means I don’t get a nasty surprise when a number of hours later the colour has darkened on my skin and I’m giving an Oompa Loompa a run for his/her money. The finish is very dewy, and delivers a definite noticeable shine, or should I say glow, or even sheen to my skin. Subsequently, this might not be the most suitable foundation for those with an oily skin type, but I wouldn’t necessarily rule it out all together, either. A pressed or translucent powder may very well be your friend here. I would say this foundation is a good light to medium coverage depending on the number of layers you apply and is most definitely buildable for those of you who like a heavier, fuller coverage. I would seriously consider repurchasing this foundation when I’m finished with it. My only nag is that it’s £10.99, and let’s not forget that this is a drugstore foundation. Not cheap. Boo!

2. Cover Girl Lash Blast Clump Crusher Mascara


I bloody adore this mascara. It pains me to think that when this dries up, an inevitable eventuality, I won’t be able to run out and buy myself a replacement. I will be bereft without it. I got this whilst on holiday in America back in May and I cannot get enough of it. It’s still going strong (for now) and I’m impressed with the longevity of this mascara being that we’re currently in October. I bought mine in black, like with every mascara I wear, and this black is very black. The brush is plastic, with rubber bristles, is curved and of average size – hurrah for not having to worry about poking my eyes out with a colossal sized wand! The shape of the brush enables me to get a beautiful curl from my lashes, but this equally gives great volume and decent length, too. Bear in mind I have naturally long lashes so I can’t say how this mascara would perform on ladies or men with shorter lashes. Generally I get on better with plastic brushes, as opposed to ones with fibres and this mascara is no exception. It holds a curl well and I’ve never noticed any signs of smudging or flaking. Washing the mascara off at the end of the day is no trouble and a makeup wipe works just as well for me, as when I’ve used my oil makeup remover. I’m sure by now you’re shouting at your screen for me to hurry up and tell you whether it really does live up to its name. Does it crush clumps? Is it a … “Clump crusher”? And the answer would be a resounding YES. Yes, it does. Or rather, it doesn’t crush them, it just doesn’t create them to begin with. Hallelujah! I couldn’t recommend this mascara more. If you live in a country where you can get Cover Girl, one, I am deeply jealous, and two, I implore you to try this mascara. Do it!

3. Eyelash Curlers


Notice I haven’t mentioned the brand name of these eyelash curlers, and this is because I bought them at a random beauty supply store where I paid two quid for them. I know so many beauty bloggers swear by either the Chanel or Shu Uemura lash curlers, well I’ve used neither and frankly, I have no desire to anytime soon. These more than do the job and used in conjunction with the Cover Girl mascara (see above) I can achieve a lovely false lash effect.

There you have it, my favourites for the month of September. I would love it if you shared with me your beauty favourites. Or have you tried the mascara I just raved about and didn’t get on well with it? Do tell me, I’d love to hear another persons take!

Emily x

I Could Show You My Favourite Obsession

All right party people get your noisemakers at the ready because just this week MAC announced their latest collection for A/W 2014 and the theme is The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

image“The Rocky Horror Picture Show kicks off the celebration of the 40th anniversary in wild style with an untamed M-A-C collaboration, featuring an outrageous collection of hues and products specially designed to recreate the looks of your favourite characters from the 1975 cult classic film. Transform yourself into a sex-swapping mad scientist, heroic newlywed, alien from Transylvania or even the time warped Riff Raff, with an orgy of colour worthy of any midnight mayhem at The Frankenstein Place.”

The collection will consist of four lipsticks, one lip pencil, one eyeshadow palette containing six eyeshadows, two glitters, one pigment, two chromagraphic pencils, two greasepaint sticks, one liquid eyeliner, one mascara, one powder blush, one sculpt and shape powder, two nail laquers and one set of lashes, baby.


I don’t think you know just how thrilled I was when I heard about this. I rarely buy into any of MAC’s limited edition collections because I find they’re usually mediocre and a waste of money. This being the clear exception. MAC have outdone themselves, judging by the looks of the promo images. I am most excited about the four lipsticks because, well, duh, I love me some lippy. Not to mention some of my favourite lipsticks I own are from MAC so I have high hopes for them. I shiver with antici…pation.

I have loved The Rocky Horror Picture Show for as long as I can remember, and have even been to see the stage production of it. I could kiss Richard O’Brien for creating Rocky Horror (and for presenting Crystal Maze but that’s besides the point). Tim Curry will always be Dr Frank-N-Furter to me – have you seen his pins in those stockings? I could only dream of having legs like that. And it can’t just be me who finds his voice sexy. This film was/is a masterpiece for a number of reasons. The cast. Hello, Meatloaf makes a cameo in the film! The music. You can’t not join in when you hear the Time Warp. The makeup. The costumes. The sex appeal. It’s all just very, very good.

The collection debuts online in America September 29th, and in-store October 2nd. It will be available to the rest of us October 2014, excluding China, at MAC stores only. So, in other words, run to your nearest store as early as you can to try your best at getting your hands on anything from this collection. I know I’m not wrong in thinking this is going to be a very popular launch and it will sell out fast.

Don’t dream it, be it.


Emily x

Monthly Favourites

Happy 1st of September!

How is it already September? This year is flying by. I can’t quite believe it. And as much as I do enjoy the sunshine and everything that comes with Summer, I have been really looking forward to Autumn/Winter. I like the colder months because I can get wrapped up in layers, break out my Winter wardrobe and finally start drinking hot chocolate again. Yum. Of course, I am already counting down to Halloween, Bonfire Night and yes, even Christmas. I know, I know. I just uttered the dreaded c-word. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m really not. I love Christmas and as soon as September rolls around, every year like clockwork, I allow myself to get excited about the upcoming festivities.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. Below are a list of items and products I have used and loved throughout the month of August. 

1. Real Techniques Stippling Brush 


 I’ve been using this brush to apply my foundation for a while and it makes the process quick and easy. The results I get with it are lovely and I never need to worry about brush marks from it. My skin looks flawless and natural. The brush itself is very soft and I have yet to have any problems with shedding.  

 2. LORAC PRO to Go eyeshadow and cheek palette  



This palette is clearly well loved. I was kindly given this for my birthday from my best friend back in May and ever since I have used it every single day. No exaggeration. The shadows are buttery soft, highly pigmented and blend like a dream. Notice I’ve already hit pan on the shade ‘chai’. It’s my favourite eyeshadow to wear at the moment. It’s a gorgeous bronze and really makes my blue eyes pop. Huh. Did I really just say that? Weird. Regardless, this palette is good.

3.  L’Oreal Paris Miracle Cleansing Oil 


I use this to remove my makeup every night, including my eye makeup. It’s gentle on my eyes, despite them being sensitive and does a great job of even removing waterproof makeup. Like the bottle says it isn’t greasy at all, a common misconception people have when they hear “oil”. It’s never broken me out, either. I squeeze a small amount into my hands and apply it onto my face, dry, and make circular motions, massaging the oil in before coming in with warm water to thoroughly rinse the oil away along with the remanence of my makeup.

4. Essence Nail Polish


I only just discovered this brand within the past month. As far as I’m aware it’s an American beauty brand (but don’t quote me on that) and on a recent visit to a Wilkinson’s I saw they had a new makeup stand by the name ‘Essence’. Everything this brand sells is extremely affordable. I bought a few of their nail polishes and have fallen in love with the quality! The opacity of the polish is terrific and in one coat you have the colour present in the bottle. They give a very gel-like look to your nails and this particular colour is in ‘175’. I’ve even had people compliment me on my nails whilst wearing this shade and that doesn’t happen often. 

5. Maybelline Colour Elixir in ‘030 Raspberry Rhapsody’


I love this! It’s a gorgeous berry lipgloss. You can wear it sheer, but the colour is buildable. It feels very comfortable on the lips and isn’t too sticky. Maybelline describes this product as “the colour of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss” and they really haven’t embellished here. I only have this one colour from the range but I will definitely be getting more of these in other shades. Definitely.

6. Milani Baked Blush in ‘Berry Amore’


I bought this whilst I was in America back in May. A number of YouTubers had raved about how great these baked blushes were and they really weren’t kidding. This shade in particular is divine and has a lot of bronze running through it. The blush does have a slight shimmer to it so if you prefer your blushes matte these probably won’t be for you. As for me, I don’t mind. I tend to wear this blusher when I want to give my cheeks a healthy glow. A little goes a long way though, so do be careful and remember to tap the excess product off your brush before applying. I’ve had to learn this the hard way sadly. China doll syndrome, anyone? I would even go so far as to compare the Milani baked blushers to a cheaper alternative of the MAC mineralize skin finishes. Love, love, love.

7. Jo Malone perfume in ‘Blackberry and Bay’


Not necessarily a beauty item but I couldn’t not include this in my monthly favourites. I treat myself to this for my 21st and I’m so glad I did. It’s my first and only Jo Malone perfume I own. The scent is utterly delicious and the blackberry in the perfume really does come through. It’s a very sexy, mature scent and I only wear this on special occasions. A couple of spritz are enough because it really is quite potent. Use it sparingly, people.

And there you have it! A round up of the the things I’ve loved using during the month of August. What are your monthly favourites?

Emily x 

London Calling

This time last Friday I was in London for the bank holiday weekend. I had been to London once before but a very long time ago and my memory of it was poor so I considered this my first, real visit. I thoroughly explored the city, shopped till I dropped, feasted on delicious food, and had my fair share of bizarre tube experiences. My legs have never had such a work out before, all the walking around and legging it for trains. It was amazing.  

My first stop was Harrods. The store was beyond overwhelming, intimidating and plush. I compared it to the Tardis. On the outside it looks big, but the inside is literally like a labyrinth, it just went on and on and on. I was particularly in awe of their Egyptian themed escalators (it doesn’t take much to impress me). I was too busy enjoying myself and catching flies that I didn’t take photos. I wish I had. The same could be said for most of my trip. In total I think I took around ten photos and if you know me at all, then you will know that this is very unlike me. 

Admittedly I was most excited about seeing the beauty hall at Selfridges and on the Saturday afternoon I did this. Not before being soaked through by the rain, I should add. But did I let that dampen my mood? Did I hell! Initially I had a stroll around, perusing the aisles and taking note of all the beauty brands they had, brands that I hadn’t encountered in person before but had heard of. Take for example Suqqu, who are known for their exceptional makeup brushes. And Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup collection, created by a talented, famous makeup artist (whom I admire). Such gorgeous makeup packaging. Rose Gold. Oh *sighs*. I even saw the display for Christian Louboutin’ foray into nail polish – wow! Extravagant, frivolous and quite frankly, silly. 

And that’s when I saw it. The NARS counter. I think I might have even gasped. 

It’s no surprise I made a beeline for the lipsticks and not before long I was covered in swatches from testing products on the back of my hand. In the end I left the counter with a Selfridges bag filled with three NARS products, two of their lip pencils, a bottle of their sheer glow foundation and a massive grin on my face. 



I was colour matched for the sheer glow foundation by an artist at the counter and as I suspected, my colour is in ‘Mont Blanc’. It’s the perfect match for my skin tone and blends in like a dream. I’ve only worn the foundation once since buying it so I can’t give you my overall thoughts on it just yet but as first impressions go, so far, so good. I’ll be sure to provide a detailed review of it at a later date.



As for the two lip products, I chose one from their velvet matte lip pencil range in the colour ‘Never Say Never’ and the other from their satin lip pencil range in ‘Palais Royal’. I’ve worn both since purchasing them and already know I love them. The colours are exquisite, intensely pigmented and flattering on the lips. A full review on these shall be coming soon, too. 


I loved my weekend away in London and miss the city already. If you ever get the chance to see London, do it! 




See you soon, London! 

Emily x

Mini Haul

I went out for lunch today and a look around the shops at the Metrocentre in Gateshead. It’s the largest shopping centre in Europe and if you haven’t been before and are planning a trip to the North East, I would highly recommend you make it a point of paying a visit to the Metro. For more information on the Metrocentre click here

I didn’t plan to buy anything (isn’t that always the way?) but I ended up coming home with three purchases. Two being beauty related, duh!, and the third is a piece of jewellery. 


(L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique foundation in ‘C1 Rose Pearl’ and Ciaté nail polish in ‘Tweed and Tails’)

I was in the market for a new foundation as my current one is about to run out. I rarely repurchase  foundation. I have done on a couple of occasions but generally I’ll just try something new because I’m such a fiend when it comes to foundation. I am always on the quest for the best. Confession time: I usually choose my foundation by judging the bottle and whether I like the look of it or not (sort of like how I choose wine – if the bottle looks nice, I’ll get it!). Please tell me I’m not alone on this? I’ve used L’Oréal foundations previously and liked them so I’m hopeful this won’t be any different. I bought mine at Superdrug for £10.99. 

This is my first ever Ciaté purchase! I’ve wanted to try this brand for a while but their prices are more than I like to spend on nail varnish. Much more. But I wanted to treat myself (and my talons), so I said “what the hell,” and splurged. I chose this colour because its different and despite hating the food, I love olive, and since the colder months are soon to be upon us Brits I figured I’d get plenty of wear out of it. I paid £9.00 but looking on the Ciaté website it seems they’re having a 24 hour 50% off flash sale and most, if not all, of their polishes are half price. Including mine, which is now £4.50. Oh. That stings. If you’d like to take advantage of the sale click here. But hurry. The sale ends midnight tonight! 


And finally, this necklace. I find Primark jewellery to be very hit and miss, and nine times out of ten it’s a definite miss. But this caught my eye. I love a good statement necklace to glam up any outfit. I especially love blue accessories, and though the photo isn’t doing this necklace justice at all, when the sun shines on the faux stones they appear bright teal which I adore. I paid £5.00 for this as you can see but I do think it looks far more expensive. I can’t wait to wear this. 

I hope you’re all having a terrific weekend.

Emily x

The Beauty Blender vs. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

When I apply my foundation I like to use makeup brushes. I always have and probably always will. For a long time I have strayed from using any kind of makeup sponge due to past very disappointing experiences when I was much younger and only just beginning to get into makeup. I was young so naturally I could afford very little and didn’t have the money for makeup tools, and more to the point, I was an amateur and wasn’t aware of just how important such things were/are. So at the time, I used those wedged sponges that came in a packet of at least seven or eight that you could buy for easily no more than a couple of quid. They were never hard to find. Most places with any kind of beauty department/area stocked them (even supermarkets), and still do! – I checked.

Fast forward several years and word is going around that there is a makeup sponge doing its rounds on the beauty scene which is a complete game changer. It was hyped up beyond belief. I was curious. I was skeptical. I had my doubts and for months I convinced myself I didn’t need it. Until one day I found myself in a Sephora whilst on holiday, and there I saw the display for this sponge – the Beauty Blender! I didn’t think twice, I grabbed it and ran to the check out. Okay, so maybe I didn’t run… No, I sprinted. There was smoke left behind in my wake. I was beyond excited to finally get to test this sponge.


Since owning and using the Beauty Blender for a few months, I have wanted to try the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. It has been compared to the Beauty Blender, and on some forums I’ve read, there have been claims that it even surpasses it. I bought the Real Techniques sponge around a month ago and have been trialling it since.


I feel like I’ve reached a point where I can now make a fair and informed review and comparison on both sponges.


So how does each sponge perform, you ask? Can they compare? Which of the two is superior?

Beauty Blender:

The Beauty Blender is a teardrop shaped sponge, specfically made for applying liquid foundation. Directions for use of this sponge is as follows – take your sponge and run it under (cold) water until the sponge is completely saturated. Once this is done, you must then squeeze out the excess water from the sponge, and should you wish to you can dry the sponge off with a towel too. You don’t want your Beauty Blender to feel sodden. Avoid this. By now you should notice that your sponge has increased in size quite dramatically. You are now ready to use your Beauty Blender!


  • Finish. The Beauty Blender provides a flawless looking base. My skin looks almost airbrushed and my pores are barely visible. I never had to worry about streaks or brush marks on my face unlike when using a makeup brush with bristles.
  • Easy to use. From my first application, I found this sponge very straightforward and didn’t have any trouble with it. I typically buff my foundation in but with this sponge I do recommend you use stippling motions.
  • Colour Selection. The Beauty Blender comes in three different colours – pink, black and white. This might seem inconsequential but I know there will be at least one person who will appreciate having options.
  • Compact. The sponge is small, takes up very little space and is portable.
  • Packaging. The container the Beauty Blender comes in is clear, plastic and inside you are given a miniature paper manual detailing how to use the sponge.
  • Texture. The sponge is incredibly soft and isn’t harsh on the skin.


  • Pricing. The Beauty Blender is by no means cheap. I payed $19.95 for mine but in the UK they’re being sold at roughly around £16.00.
  • Time Consuming. I’ve found it takes me longer to apply my foundation with this sponge, as opposed to my preferred method with a buffing brush. The time added isn’t substantial (roughly five minutes extra), but it is noticeable. Just something to consider.
  • Cleaning. It isn’t the easiest sponge to clean and it is even recommended you purchase the cleanser made especially for the Beauty Blender by the brand itself. This means spending even more money. The cleanser is between £12-14.00 which is, in my opinion, utterly ridiculous.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge:

The Real Techniques sponge can be used both wet and dry. If you opt to use it wet, approach this sponge much the same way you would the Beauty Blender. Differently to the Beauty Blender, though, the Real Techniques sponge isn’t a complete tear drop shape, it has a flat edge on one side.


  • Finish. Similarly to the Beauty Blender, the Real Techniques sponge gives such a lovely look to the skin.
  • Easy to use. Despite this sponge being shaped differently to the former, it was just as easy to use, and in actual fact, even easier. It’s shape worked in my favour because it made it very convenient when blending my makeup around the contours of my nose.
  • Price. The Real Techniques brand is known for being reasonable with their pricing and creating affordable makeup tools that don’t break the bank but are still very efficient and this sponge is no exception. I bought mine for £5.99.
  • Texture. The sponge is just as soft as the Beauty Blender, only more dense.
  • Cleaning. I found I could clean the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge just like I would with my makeup brushes – with baby shampoo. It washed well and this pleased me.


  • Colour Selection. The sponge only comes in one shade (for the time being), and though this doesn’t bother me, it might for someone else.
  • Time Consuming. It took just as long to apply my foundation as it did with the Beauty Blender.

Overall, I have enjoyed using both makeup sponges and will continue to do so. They both perform as I had expected but I still don’t see what the huge fuss is about them, especially the Beauty Blender. I will definitely be sticking to my trusty ole’ buffing brush for every day use. On the odd special occasion where I want my base to look as perfect as I can possibly get it, and I have the time to do so, I may use one of these sponges. And now for the sixty four thousand dollar question… Which is best? Well, I can’t answer that because each persons opinion differs, but I can tell you which I preferred. As you might have already guessed, it’s the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. The pricing and the shape of it is what sold me on it. So, there you have it! My winner. Commiserations to the Beauty Blender. You fought hard. Just not hard enough.

Emily x

Wish List

This is going to be a quick one. A filler, if you will. I am working on an exciting comparison blog post, but until I’m satisfied its finished I figured I could share with you all the beauty items I’m currently coveting in the meantime.

1. Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palette and lip liner from the limited edition Pulp Fiction collection. I adore this film, it’s one of my favourites so its only expected that I’m going to lust after something that combines my two loves: cosmetics and Quentin Tarantino films.

2. NARS Sheer Glow foundation. I have yet to try this foundation and I know of so many people in the beauty industry that highly rate it, some going so far as to tell me it’s their favourite foundation, ever. I need to make a point of paying a visit to a NARS counter and getting a sample, at the very least.

3. MAC lipstick in ‘Plumful’. A UK/Canadian beauty blogger and YouTuber I watch inspired this one. Her name is Estée, she is just lovely, has an infectious personality and you can watch her videos here. She wears this lipstick regularly and it looks positively delightful on her. The perfect plummy (go figure, huh?) berry shade that isn’t too dark but isn’t too light either. It seems very wearable for everyday. There is no guarantee it will look even remotely as good on me as it does on her, but here’s to finding out. Hopefully!

4. ZOEVA Rose Gold makeup brush set. I don’t really need more makeup brushes but like shoes, a girl can never have too many. Am I right, ladies? You know I am. And being that they are rose gold is really just the icing on the cake.

5. Lorac Pro palette. This is an eyeshadow palette that pretty much everyone and their mother seems to own. But not me. Pout. Not yet at least. I have been eyeing this palette for several months and had put off buying it because I really didn’t want to pay shipping from America. I went on holiday to Florida back in May and was so excited to buy this. Alas, it was completely out of stock. I know, sucks right? If anyone knows anywhere in the UK online or otherwise that sells this palette, please do tell me. I’d like love you forever.

Well that’s all for now. What are your current covets? Share any and all of them with me in a comment below.

Emily x

My Top Five Red Lipsticks

Yesterday was National Lipstick Day and it got me inspired to do this post. I love all makeup but I especially love lip products and own far too many. I find myself buying a new lipstick more often than any other makeup item and my makeup collection definitely serves as evidence to this fact. It’s a lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm, lip crayon (you name it, I’ve got it!) paradise.

My favourite shade to wear on my lips is red, followed closely by berry. Below are my five favourite reds to rock when I’m wanting to feel like an old Hollywood starlet.


NYX Matte lipstick in ‘Alabama,’ MAC lipstick in ‘Dare You,’ MAC lipstick in ‘Russian Red,’ Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate lipstick in ‘107,’ and MAC lipstick in ‘Veronica’.


Each red is only very slightly different as you can tell but they’re all so flattering on. Four out of five of these lipsticks are matte. The lipstick that isn’t is MAC ‘Dare You’ and is a cremesheen finish.

Unfortunately the MAC lipstick in ‘Veronica’ was from a limited edition Archie’s Girls collection and is no longer available. Though you may still be able to get your hands on one from eBay or Amazon, but don’t quote me on that.

I love a good red lip. It’s universally beautiful, and makes me feel oh so glamorous! Tell me, what’s your favourite red? Or are you more of a nude lip kind of girl (or guy)?


(Wearing ‘Veronica’ here).

Emily x

My Makeup Story Tag

It looks like my next blog post is coming to you all sooner than I had planned. It seems the writing bug has well and truly bitten me because I’ve found myself itching (see what I did there?) to get started on my next one.

This is a tag currently circulating within the beauty community over on YouTube and seen as I’m too chicken to get in front of the camera and make my own YouTube videos – something I would love to do, but much too shy for, – I figured I might as well answer the ten questions on here anyway.

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

I wore makeup from a young age, but it was only ever a lipgloss or some glittery eyeshadow that never actually gave off much colour. It was mostly just for fun, never for aesthetics. They were from those dreadful sets you would find for children in Poundland. I think I even had a Barbie lipgloss at one point. Yikes! I would say I was probably fourteen or fifteen when I seriously begun wearing makeup and even then it wasn’t nearly as much makeup as many of the other girls in my year wore.

2. How did you get into makeup?

I grew up loving makeup, and so it was only natural that makeup would remain and play a huge part in my life. I can recall fond memories of watching my mum apply her makeup for the day when I was a little girl. I’d lay in her bed and peer over the side, rapt with fascination and wishing that I could be like her someday.

3. What are some of your favourite brands?

High street: Bourjois, Barry M, Collection, Revlon, Rimmel to name a few.

High end: Benefit. Clinique, Lorac, MAC, Urban Decay.

4. What does makeup mean to you?

Uh oh. Well, without getting too deep here… Makeup makes me happy. It’s something I enjoy. I love to read books on makeup through the years, I love to watch videos on makeup, I love to buy makeup and of course, I love using the stuff. It’s a hobby. A passion.

5. If you could only wear four products on your face, what would they be?

Hmm. I’d have to go with mascara, a lip product of some form, liquid liner and a concealer.

6. What is your favourite thing about makeup?

The endless possibilities! There is so much makeup now that we can achieve any look we want, the crazier the better. It goes without saying that I love how it can add confidence to a person, too.

7. What do you think about drugstore makeup vs. high end makeup?

I think high street (drugstore) makeup brands are doing tremendously well at the moment with releasing products that rival the quality that you expect to get with high end brands. I predominantly use high street makeup with some high end thrown in for good measure. I am always swayed by the price tag of something. I’m a girl on a budget, what can I say?

8. What is one tip of advice you can give a beginner?

I assume by beginner we’re meaning someone who is just starting out using makeup? I would tell this person to practice, practice, practice. Practice really does make perfect. Makeup isn’t easy. It can be really tricky in fact. Don’t feel like you can’t make mistakes, or commit those makeup faux pas. Wanna hear a secret? We’ve all done ’em! We’re all guilty of at least one or two. We’ve all been there. I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing makeup stories. When I was ten or eleven I went through a blue lipstick phase. Luckily I’ve deleted all traces of photographic evidence…

9. What is one makeup trend you’ve never understood?

Bleached brows.

10. What do you think of the beauty community on YouTube?

I used to love the beauty community over on YouTube but lately I find myself disappointed and hurt by all the critical and downright hateful comments made by people. It’s unnecessary and frankly, it’s just bullying. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”.

Emily x

Good morning, starshine… The earth says hello!

So… Hey!

First things first, I guess an introduction to this blog, and more to the point, myself, should be made. I feel I should add in this disclaimer now that you needn’t worry about future corny blog titles like the one you see above. (Kudos to those who recognise the reference though, but that’s really besides the point).

For a good year or two I have toyed with the idea of creating my very own beauty blog because well, as clichéd as it sounds, I truly do love makeup. What stopped me you ask? Honestly? I’m really not sure. I was concerned that my younger self wouldn’t take it seriously enough – you see, I don’t do things by halves. If I am going to put my name to something, I want to ensure that its the best possible representation of myself; and something I can be proud of. I was equally very intimidated by all the hundreds, probably even thousands, of great beauty blogs available to you and I.

If you haven’t already taken a quick peek at my ‘about’ page, well feel free to do that now. I’ve tried (try being the operative word) to sum myself up in the fewest words possible. If you haven’t already noticed… I like to talk. But that bodes well for this blog!

If there is anything else you would like to know about me, please don’t hesitate to ask, be that via a comment on this blog post or through direct e-mail. You can reach me at:

My next blog post will most definitely be something beauty related. But for now, we’ll chat soon!

Emily x