Pretty Honest

‘Pretty Honest’ is described as the “straight-talking beauty companion” and is the handiwork of makeup artist, turned journalist, Sali Hughes. In it she shares with us her tips on achieving the perfect manicure, how to identify our skin type, discusses the pros and cons on waxing, reveals her beauty icons then and now, and much, much more. I have since christened this book my beauty bible and I believe any beauty enthusiast must own this, too.

I feel compelled to tell you that I loved this book so much that I had to pace myself. The day that it was delivered to me – thank you Amazon UK for your speedinesss! – I was so excited, after hearing the buzz about it online, that within the first hour I was already beyond page one hundred. I’m a fast reader by nature, but I was devouring this book in no time at all because it was/is such a genuine page turner. Before I knew it I had reached the two hundred page mark and vowed to put the book down after the next chapter. See, when I love a book, I become a little obsessed and once finished, I feel a massive hole in my life and actually miss the book. I didn’t want this to happen this time around. Instead, I told myself I would make the book last. Did I? No, I didn’t. I had finished it by day two.

Pretty Honest consists of thirty four individual chapters, over the course of three hundred and thirty pages. My favoured topics Hughes covers are most definitely “perfume,” what men want,” and “beauty in illness.” I wasn’t expecting the laughs I had reading this book, but even more so the tears. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive, but I wasn’t prepared to read about women who have battled through cancer, hair loss, and more and did so with their lipstick still freshly applied and a fabulous screw you attitude to long-term illnesses. It really touched me.

Hughes covers everything, and leaves no stone unturned, nor no makeup myth unchallenged. Though aimed at women, men alike can enjoy this book. I do wish Hughes had included a drag and/or male skincare section but Pretty Honest is by no means lacking without it. I will say this though, there are some fairly adult references throughout so read at your discretion.

Her dry wit and general no nonsense approach to beauty made for a very pleasant read. Pretty Honest would make a wonderful addition to any beauty lovers book collection, and is definitely one for the coffee table, or to proudly display on your book shelf. I know I would happily gift this to someone only just beginning to embark on, what is sure to be, a lifelong adventure with beauty, as well as to someone who’s love affair with beauty has been ongoing for some time now.

Pretty Honest can be bought from most book retailers online and in-store. For the time being only the hardback is available (the paperback is due for release late 2015) and can vary in price, though the average is around £22.00. I bought mine for only £12.50 on Amazon UK but I would gladly pay full price if I were to make future purchases. It is well worth the money. Get yours now.

Pretty funny. Pretty sassy. Pretty damn brilliant.


Emily x

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