Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Today in the UK it is Guy Fawkes Night, otherwise known as Bonfire Night. I would explain the significance of this historical event but its just as easy for you to Google it, plus I wouldn’t want to bore any of you who aren’t in the least bit interested.

In a nutshell it is an excuse for us Brits to eat, drink and be very, very merry. Oh, yes, and to set off fireworks and watch all of the pretty colours illuminate the nights sky.

As a result, I felt inspired to produce a fireworks themed makeup look.


I used two different eye palettes to achieve this, both from Urban Decay.


To begin with I smeared a champagne coloured eye cream shadow stick all over my eyelid, taking it up to my brow bone too. This was primarily because I wanted something for the shadows to adhere to, in the hopes of avoiding as much fall down as I possibly could.


Next I roughly applied the bright pink shade “Junkshow” to just the centre of my eyelid, not taking much care about how neat it looked. The blending process comes much later.


I then added the purple shade “Omen” to the bare sections of my eyelid, either side of the pink, taking it up to my crease. To do this I used a MAC 217 brush, but any fluffy brush will do.


Once adding the purple, I placed a small amount of the green shadow “Vert” to the inner corner of my eye, I then coated the outer corner of my lid with the beautiful teal blue shadow “Deep End”, blending it into my crease.  After this I took my blackest of black kohl pencil and lined my waterline.


BLEND! I blended all the edges out until everything was seamless. Make sure you use a clean blending brush to do this. You don’t want to spoil the colours, and all of your hard work up to this point.


I then took a makeup wipe to clean up all of the fall down, and to generally tidy up around my eye area. Afterwards I applied my foundation, and the rest of my cheek products.


I then added lashings of mascara to both top and bottom lashes and filled in my brows as normal.


Finally I opted for a bright fuchsia pink lipstick and pink lipgloss combination. Both items are by Revlon.


Incidentally, the finished result reminds me more of a throwback to the 80s or of a mermaid, than of the colours of fireworks but them’s the breaks. Sometimes a look turns out as intended, other times not. Let me know what you think anyway.

And to those of you who celebrate Bonfire Night, have a terrific time tonight!

Emily x

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